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A hairdryer fueled by Hydroionic Crystals. Comes with amazing carry case.


1. Ultra light and ultra compact - One of the lightest hair dryers in the professional market: only 300g.


2. Perfectly balanced - The perfect mix of an extremely compact, lightweight hair dryer combined with power and performance for professional use.


3. LED indicators - The dryer's LED controls facilitate the settings of 12 possible configurations.


4. Digital control panel - Easily adjust air flow and temperature with 3 air speeds, 4 heat settings, and a cool shot button.


5. Temperature precision - Temperature remains consistent regardless of the chosen airflow setting.


6. Digital auto-lock function - Automatically locks the chosen air flow and temperature setting.


7. Motor - 110,000 rpm. Faster than traditional hair dryers and longer lasting*. *Compared to hair dryers with AC/DC motor.


8. Temperature sensor - Protects against over heating.


9. Venturi-effect - The air outlet is designed by the motor. This results in an extra air flowproduced by a vaccum effect without using additional power.


10. Hydroionic crystals - Hydroionic crystals are infused into the barrel to further condition the hair.


11. Automatic clean function - Rotates the engine turbine in reverse direction to thoroughly clean the filter. Removable filter makes it simple to clean when needed.


12. 3m Long cord - Professional and durable cord for free range of movement.

Varis - AirQ Hairdryer

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